We are committed to advancing the practice of people analytics by developing the next generation of innovative practitioners and leaders.

Enrolled students are invited to work with the Wharton People Analytics team to expand student opportunities in the field, and across Wharton.

The Conference Team

Applications are taken each year for participation in the competitively selected Wharton People Analytics Conference Team. This group of 13 first and second year MBA students works alongside Professors Adam Grant, Cade Massey and the People Analytics Executive Director Laura Zarrow to plan and implement the entire conference.

This experience affords the students an extraordinary opportunity to network with the leading organizations and individuals in the field of People Analytics, while advancing their own understanding of the discipline.

Led by a student Chair, the Conference Team takes responsibility for cultivating sponsors; the strategic planning and implementation of marketing and communication; comprehensive logistics; competition planning, promotion and management; and advises on program development. It is a year-long commitment that stands out for its members as one of their most defining Wharton experiences.

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Wharton Executive Education Launches a New Program

People Analytics: HR Transformation through Data

Discover how to use data to make more informed people-related decisions and learn the best tools for defining and cultivating organizational culture. Join Professors Cade Massey and Matthew Bidwell to experience a true learning laboratory with executives from all over the world.

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Academic Director Cade Massey on the People Analytics experience

Wharton People Analytics visits Google NYC

Google People Analytics hosted the Wharton People Analytics Conference (WPAC) Team to discuss the latest trends in People Analytics, how Google has sustained its culture throughout massive growth, and the role of People Analytics in enabling every individual at Google to be successful.

Google’s Director of People Analytics, Dr. Brian Welle, provided an overview of how People Operations at Google is structured, and explained that all people decisions at Google are backed by data and analytics. Welles noted that Google’s People Analytics goal is not only to find and retain talent, but also to create environments that maximize each individual’s potential.

The short visit provided an opportunity for extensive Q&A between the WPAC Team and members of Google’s People Operations group, shedding light on the types of questions and approaches a leading people analytics organization is taking to expand the field.


Wharton People Analytics (WPA) partners with companies and not-for-profit organizations to place a select number of rising 2-year Wharton MBA students into summer internships with leading people analytics practices.

This is a unique opportunity to work in a people analytics practice under the guidance of the WPA faculty co-directors, including Professors Matthew Bidwell, Angela Duckworth, Adam Grant, and Cade Massey. The WPA team will help to select and prepare the intern for the position, and debriefs her/him upon her/his return. The position is designed for someone moving into people analytics full-time.

Summer 2018 Opportunities:
Two 12-week internships with McKinsey’s People Analytics Practice
One 12-week internship with Teach for America
One 12-week internship, split 6 weeks at McKinsey and 6 weeks at Teach for America

How to Apply:
New internship opportunities will be posted in Career Path toward the end of the fall semester.

For more information, please contact our Executive Director, Laura Zarrow at

Applied Insights Team

The Applied Insights Team is comprised of four competitively selected students, and analyses emerging research, industry trends, technologies, and practices. It functions as an internal innovation group designed to nurture the department’s work and spur new avenues of research and practice.

The Team generates reports for internal and external audiences on emerging topics, novel study designs and observed industry trends for WPA research projects. We also consult with external organizations on the establishment, improvement and maximization of their people analytics practices.

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Wharton Analytics Fellows

The Wharton Analytics Fellows program unites competitively selected Wharton MBAs, undergraduates, and researchers in pursuit of a common goal: tackling real-life, complex people challenges using the power of analytics.

Over the course of the academic year, teams work with clients to identify objectives, explore data resources, develop hypotheses, and project plans. They then test hypotheses, working in tandem with the clients and the Wharton research experts throughout the process. Past clients have included Teach for America, the S.E.C., L’Oreal, and Vanguard.

Each project culminates in a presentation to the client organization, where the team shares the key insights and quick-win opportunities, placing special emphasis on actionable next steps that enable clients to immediately capture value using the team’s findings.

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Professors Bidwell and Massey collaborated with Professor Martine Haas on a 6-hour, open-enrollment, on-line People Analytics course. The course launched in December 2015 as part of Wharton’s Business Analytics Specialization program. From the course description: “[We] explore the state-of-the-art techniques used to recruit and retain great people, and demonstrate how these techniques are used at cutting-edge companies…explain how data and sophisticated analysis is brought to bear on people-related issues, such as recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design, compensation, and collaboration.”