Matthew Bidwell
Co-Director | Associate Professor of Management

Matthew Bidwell is an Associate Professor in Wharton’s Management Department. His research examines new patterns in work and employment, focusing in particular the causes and effects of more short-term, market oriented employment relationships. He has conducted detailed research on how firms balance internal mobility and hiring in staffing jobs and what the effects of those different strategies are. He has also studied how highly skilled contractors are used within firms, the effects of their relationships with staffing firms, and who goes into such contracting. His work has been published in academic journals, and featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. It has also been recognized with a Scholarly Achievement Award from the Academy of Management Human Resources Division and the John T. Dunlop Outstanding Scholar Award from the Labor and Employment Association. He currently serves as a Senior Editor at Organization Science.

Matthew holds a Ph.D. from the MIT Sloan School, an S.M. in Political Science from MIT, and an M.Chem from Oxford. Prior to Wharton he taught at INSEAD and worked at McKinsey and Company.