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We use data to advance how organizations make decisions about people,
and help leaders operate based on evidence rather than intuition.

Thanks to the generous support of the Larry & Celia Moh Foundation, we are thrilled to announce the Moh Foundation Applied Insights Lab, a dynamic hub bringing students, researchers, and organizations together to advance the practice of people analytics.

Evidence-Based Solutions for Inclusion in the Workplace: Actions for Middle Managers

While disruptive times often breed uncertainty and a scaling back of investment in workforce talent, research has found that companies that renew their commitment to employee development in a downturn recover more quickly. To help companies create more effective talent management solutions in these unprecedented times, experts at Wharton People Analytics and DiversityInc Media, LLC are collaborating to investigate the relationships among diversity and inclusion practices and employees’ experiences at work, with a focus on the factors driving feelings of inclusion and belonging in companies today.


Advancing the practice of people analytics is as important to us as our research. We are continuing to create new educational opportunities for those working in the field, as well as those who would like to enter it.



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