We are committed to developing the next generation of leaders in the field of people analytics.

Student Opportunities


Wharton People Analytics (WPA) partners with companies and not-for-profit organizations to place a select number of rising 2nd-year Wharton MBA students into summer internships with leading people analytics practices.

This is a unique opportunity to work in a people analytics practice under the guidance of the WPA team. The WPA team will help to select and prepare the intern for the position, and debriefs her/him upon her/his return. The position is designed for someone moving into people analytics full-time.


Wharton People Analytics/Teach For America internship

The Teach For America internship offers the opportunity to work at the nonprofit leader in the people analytics space. Through this internship you will have the opportunity to lead a cutting-edge project from start to finish that will be implemented and used in the TFA recruitment process. While this innovation will not only advance knowledge in the space it will also lead to more teachers serving our communities and change kids’ lives and their set of opportunities.

The People Analytics/Teach for America Internship Application deadline has passed.

Microsoft Customer Solutions Analyst Intern

Workplace Analytics is a new product from Microsoft that harnesses data from the “digital exhaust” of everyday working patterns

at organizations (think emails, meetings, chat) and bubbles up the insights in an accessible and configurable platform.

This role is a combination of product strategy + management consulting + human capital + data. Success in this role usually takes a combination of a consulting mind, an interest in data, and passion for people analytics.

On a day-to-day basis, this role means working with senior executives at our customers, and figuring out how to leverage behavioral data to address their problems, questions, and challenges. It’s then taking the learnings from that work and feeding it directly into our product team.

The Microsoft Customer Solutions Analyst Internship Application is now closed.

For more information, please contact our Director of Student Engagement, Michelle Young at youngmic@wharton.upenn.edu.


We accept applications each year for the competitively selected Wharton People Analytics Conference Team. This group of first and second year MBA students works alongside Professors Adam Grant, Cade Massey, and Wharton People Analytics Executive Director Laura Zarrow to plan and implement the entire conference.

This experience affords the students an extraordinary opportunity to network with leading organizations and individuals in the field of People Analytics, while advancing their own understanding of the discipline.

Led by a student Chair, the Conference Team takes responsibility for cultivating sponsors; the strategic planning and implementation of marketing and communication; comprehensive logistics; competition planning, promotion and management; and program development. It is a year-long commitment that stands out for its members as one of their most defining Wharton experiences.

For more information on joining the Wharton People Analytics Conference Team please contact wpaconference@wharton.upenn.edu.

The Philadelphia Eagles Football Operations hosted the Wharton People Analytics Conference (WPAC) Team to discuss the latest trends in analytics.


The Wharton Analytics Fellows program unites competitively selected Wharton MBAs, undergraduates, and researchers in pursuit of a common goal: tackling real-life, complex people challenges using the power of analytics.

Over the course of the academic year, teams work with clients to identify objectives, explore data resources, develop hypotheses, and project plans. They then test hypotheses, working in tandem with the clients and the Wharton research experts throughout the process.

Past clients have included Teach for America, the S.E.C., L’Oreal, and Vanguard.

Each project culminates in a presentation to the client organization, where the team shares the key insights and quick-win opportunities, placing special emphasis on actionable next steps that enable clients to immediately capture value using the team’s findings.

For more information, please visit the website.

Online Learning



Professors Bidwell and Massey collaborated with Professor Martine Haas on a 6-hour, open-enrollment, on-line People Analytics course. The course launched in December 2015 as part of Wharton’s Business Analytics Specialization program. From the course description: “We explore the state-of-the-art techniques used to recruit and retain great people, and demonstrate how these techniques are used at cutting-edge companies.



You spend a quarter of your life at work, so shouldn’t you enjoy it? Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside some of the world’s most unusual workplaces to discover the keys to better work. Whether you’re learning how to love criticism or trust a co-worker you can’t stand, one thing’s for sure: You’ll never see your job the same way again.


Bringing you timely sports analytics, covering your favorite teams, and interviewing the athletes. Wharton Moneyball is live every Wednesday at 8AM EST on SiriusXM Channel 132 and podcasted the same day. Join us for your daily dose of sports stats.


Women@Work is a weekly conversation on how to help women join, stay, succeed and lead in the workplace. Our show airs live on SiriusXM132 on Wednesdays, at 4 pm ET. We explore tactics and strategies to help women and men at all stages of career; talk with extraordinary role models; and look through the gender lens to build a more inclusive, satisfying and diverse workplace. Women at Work is the proud recipient of a 2016 Gracie Award from the Alliance for Women in Media. Business Radio is powered by The Wharton School. Laura Zarrow is the host of Women@Work and Executive Director of Wharton People Analytics. Patricia Hall is the producer.


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Adam Grant

Get a monthly dose of insight on motivation, meaning, and leading a more generous and creative life.

Angela Duckworth

Weekly observations on how the science of character can improve our everyday lives.



by Maxine Williams

2017 Wharton People Analytics Conference