— 2024 Conference Competitions —

Our competitions are an annual opportunity to learn from new voices in the field and celebrate the innovation that is being created all around us – by academic researchers, industry practitioners, student teams, and startups alike.

White Paper

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The White Paper Competition looks for novel, actionable, and data-driven insights that can inform professional practice in a wide range of organizations.

Finalists will be featured on the People Analytics Conference website and the Wharton People Analytics YouTube playlist, with the winning team presenting in-person at the 2024 conference on March 14-15.

— Congratulations to the 2024 White Paper Competition Winners

First Place

Otis et al | The Uneven Impact of Generative AI on Entrepreneurial Performance


Second Place

Gaudiano, Zhang, Dohm | Measuring Inclusion: A Case Study in Cybersecurity


Third Place

Li, Clement, Srivastava | Substitutes or Complements? How Interpersonal Cultural Alignment Relates to the Evolution of Formal Structure in Organizations

— 2024 White Paper Competition Finalists

  • Otis et al | The Uneven Impact of Generative AI on Entrepreneurial Performance
  • Gaudiano, Zhang, Dohm | Measuring Inclusion: A Case Study in Cybersecurity
  • Nadel |  Hidden Bias in Hiring: Examining Applicant Screening Tools

This year, we are thrilled to partner with PLASTARC for our 11th annual case competition.

Student teams from across the globe were invited to analyze data and create analytics-driven solutions to real-world organizational challenges and compete for $25,000 in cash prizes!

PLASTARC is a social science-based workplace consultancy. By blending qualitative and quantitative research with expertise in design and change leadership, PLASTARC provides clients with unique insights that promote healthier and higher-performing spaces.

— Congratulations to the 2024 Case Competition Winner 

 Team MetroMinds 

Pallavi Janiani, Aasim Yacub, Ananya Shah, Anway Agte

— 2024 Case Competition Finalists

  • Talent Masters: Annie Wang, Olivia Wang, Andrew Mao (University of Pennsylvania)
  • SFRR Analytics: Shreyan Datta Chakraborty, Ritwik Roy Chowdhury, Roe Djer Tan, Frankle Muchahary (Oklahoma State University)
  • Go Pokes: Asif Syed, Shubhi Gupta, Vishwesh Purohit, Ranjith Kumar Kuppu Rathinam (Oklahoma State University)
  • HR Eagles: Lai Jiang, Shaonan Wang, Owden Mwangama (Emory University)
We would like to thank Prasad Setty for funding the Case Competition prizes.
We appreciate his commitment to enhancing student opportunities and advancing people analytics as a force for good.


— Check out the 2023 Case Competition Winner

The 10th Annual Case Competition allowed undergraduate and graduate students to analyze real data from a non-profit organization to solve a pressing people-related challenge.

The winning team, Team DASARA from the University of Southern California analyzed data to help Teach for America optimize its corps matching process for placement acceptance and successful corps experiences.

Watch it here!

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