Faculty Director

Co-Founders and Advisors

Angela Duckworth
The Rosa Lee and Egbert Chang
Professor of Psychology

Adam Grant
The Saul P. Steinberg Professor of Management
Professor of Psychology

Cade Massey
Practice Professor
Faculty Co-Director, Wharton Sports Analytics
and Business Initiative


Brian Little
Senior Fellow

Jamie Powers
Operations and Education Coordinator

Reb Rebele
Senior Research Fellow


Jasmine Wu
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Affiliated Faculty

Sigal Barsade
Joseph Frank Bernstein Professor
Professor of Management

In Memoriam
Professor Sigal Barsade passed away 2/7/22.
Wharton Press Release

Stephanie Creary
Assistant Professor of Management

Nancy Rothbard
David Pottruck Professor
Professor of Management
Deputy Dean, The Wharton School

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