When: 1PM – 5PM (Ongoing)

What: Various startups with applications in people analytics will showcase their capabilities at demo booths on Thursday afternoon. Come interact with the most cutting-edge ventures in the field of people analytics.


Startups Represented at PAC Expo:

Culture amp

Culture Amp is a leading people analytics platform. We’re passionate about helping companies understand the connection between people and culture. Our customizable surveys capture employee feedback and real-time data tells a story to help you make better people decisions.

What motivates and inspires your people? Find out with our interactive demo.

To learn more, visit https://www.cultureamp.com/


Glint helps you see into your organization in revolutionary ways, giving you the power to create real impact on employee engagement, retention and performance. Glint leverages real-time people data to give you and your managers a holistic view of your organization’s health, the insight to predict problems, and direction to take action.

To learn more, visit www.glintinc.com

hiQ Labs

hiQ applies data science and machine learning to internal and external data, hiQ Labs helps HR teams make better, more reliable people decisions. Easy to deploy and fast to deliver predictive insights, hiQ Labs’ cloud platform transforms how enterprises retain their best talent. The world’s most forward thinking brands rely on hiQ Labs to significantly reduce turnover and save millions of dollars in employee attrition.

To learn more, visit https://www.hiqlabs.com/.

One Model

Analytics is easy, orchestrating data is hard.

One Model is the first cloud data warehouse platform designed for HR with a data strategy for people analytics. From data to visualization to prediction, we take the hard work out of data to the point that analytics becomes a natural by-product. A data strategy allows analytics to flow, to power planning, and to open your options to adopt new technology and innovation.

To learn more, visit www.onemodel.co


Caliper provides talent management solutions for organizational change. Our award-winning analytics solution (Brandon Hall Gold 2015) is the first workforce platform to include scientifically valid and reliable personality data. Powered by the Caliper Profile, Caliper Analytics™ delivers clear, compelling, at-a-glance dashboards designed to answer critical questions from hiring through to development and workforce planning. Get the story behind the data with predictive analytics.

To learn more, visit www.calipercorp.com

Wharton Research

Stop by and chat with Wharton professors Judd Kessler and Corinne Low about their new research in technology-enabled hiring. If your firm is currently looking for job candidates, you can take a real-time assessment to build a “candidate profile” based on your needs and help you hire, while contributing to cutting-edge research!

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