2022 Case Competition

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Thank you for registering for the 2022 Case Competition. Please note that each team member must sign and acknowledge this Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and complete the form individually. Please submit the NDA form as soon as possible. Case data will be shared with you separately in the coming days. We will continue to accept NDA form submissions until April 20, 2022. Questions? Email wpacasecomp@wharton.upenn.edu.
  • Please note: This email must be the same email address used to register for the competition.
  • To perform research in support of the University‚Äôs mission, students participating in the Wharton People Analytics Case Competition (Competition) will be provided privileged access to the data and records of the University employees. Privileged access imposes upon the competitors the responsibility and obligation to use that access in an ethical, professional, and legal manner that is strictly within his or her authorized experiment functions. The University of Pennsylvania does not tolerate illegal, dishonest, improper, or irresponsible use of employee data. In exchange for the elevated access privileges afforded to me as a participant in the Competition, I agree to abide by the following standards: 1. To take every reasonable precaution to prevent unnecessary or unauthorized access to any user identifications, or other information that may be used to access employee information. 2. To limit access to the information contained in or obtained from information systems to authorized persons. 3. To treat all information encountered in the performance of my duties as confidential unless and until advised otherwise by Wharton People Analytics Faculty Co-Director. 4. To seek guidance from the Wharton People Analytics team whenever I am unsure of the correct decision regarding the appropriate use and confidentiality of information, and to do so BEFORE I take any action that might compromise that use or confidentiality. 5. To avoid any sharing, recording, transmission, alteration, or deletion of information in the information systems. 6. To report any incidents of non-compliance with the terms of this agreement to Rume Joy Azikiwe-Oyeyemi, Chief of Staff/Executive Director HR, or her designee.
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