Evidence-Based Solutions for Inclusion in the Workplace: Actions for Middle Managers

Contributors: Stephanie J. Creary, Nancy Rothbard, Elena Mariscal, Olivia Moore, Jared Scruggs, and Natalia Villarmán

During year 1 of the project, team members Elena Mariscal WG’20, Olivia Moore WG’20, and Natalia Villarman WG’20, conducted interviews and helped organize an in-person convening at Wharton in conjunction with the Wharton People Analytics conference, which was attended by approximately 20 diversity and people analytics experts from a variety of industries. Wharton faculty and a PhD student used data from these interviews and the convening to develop and validate a quantitative survey, named the Inclusion and Belonging Assessment. During year 2, team members shared a summary of the survey validation results with diversity and people analytics experts and helped to organize a virtual convening attended by more than 25 diversity and people analytics from a variety of industries.

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